Our Fitness Services

We are a small boutique gym that focuses on you. We don't throw you on a machine without a long term plan but we take time to know where you have been so that we can get you where you want to go. We have created an atmosphere where you can feel free of judgement, be motivated by others and get the results you've always wanted.

One on One Program

We will develop a custom fitness program to ensure that you're maximizing the effectiveness of the workout and your time management to achieve the results you are looking for. Your personal trainer will keep pushing you to reach new fitness heights.

Small Group Training

If you enjoy working out with a spouse, friend or enjoy making friends, then our group fitness program is perfect for you. Your trainer will guide your small group in a fitness regimen designed to reach your fitness potential.

Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes were created to give you access to an intimate and effective exercise regime that targets different parts of your body so that you can be challenged every day. Classes are a perfect supplement to the custom training programs.

Wellness Evaluation

This is your starting point! We do your BMI, Body Mass %, Pictures, Strength and Cardio Test, Goal Setting and Nutrition Profile. This is further reviewed every month with your trainer and keeps your results on track at NO Charge.

Nutrition Counseling

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. We don't just provide a good workout, we challenge you to change your eating habits as well. We provide nutritional programs through our certified dietician system, wellness workshops and meal prepping ideas.


We offer calorie burners, strength protein, cleanses and joint relief. Our own line of supplements contain the highest quality ingredients because we believe that what you put in your body should be as healthy as possible.