Nutritional Counseling

Diet can be the single most important part of your fitness success.

Many people don't realize the significant impact that the food they eat has on their day-to-day activities and overall well-being. The reality is that the food you consume may affect your mood, perceptions, energy level and how healthy, or ill, you feel.

Many people also don't know where to get reliable nutrition information. It seems that there's an article in the media every day about a superfood or a nutrient that everyone needs to have more of. Additionally, numerous fad diets compete for attention. Do you need to go low carb or eat like a caveman?

Here's a look at some of the important components of our nutritional counseling programs.

Nutritional Challenges

If you're the type of person who loves a challenge, then you won't be able to resist this. My House Fitness trainers will give you a healthy-eating challenge. Your goal is to meet the challenge for a day, a week, a month or even longer. You might even make it competitive with a group challenge. Along with some of your peers, you may be challenged to give up processed foods or refined sugar. Perhaps you'll be challenged to get more fruits and veggies every day. Regardless of the details, you'll be surprised at the results like lost weight and increased energy levels.

Meal Plans

You won't believe all of the benefits you get when you sign up for a customized meal plan that's designed just for you. This is not a one-size-fits-all meal plan. Instead, you'll sit down with a trainer who will interview you regarding your current eating habits, your fitness regimen and your goals. Be sure to mention any dietary restrictions, allergies or health conditions that might affect what you can eat. With all of this data, your trainer will devise a meal plan that is tailor-made for your lifestyle, habits and goals. Not only will you receive valuable advice concerning what to eat, but also in what amounts and when. A customized meal plan may be precisely what you need to meet your health and weight loss goals.

Nutritional Seminars

If you've been curious about vitamins, minerals, sugars, proteins and carbs and how they affect your body, then you'll be fascinated by our wellness workshops. In each class, you'll gather the basics of healthy eating. This helps you tune out some of the noise made by fad diets so that you can focus on food that nurtures your body and provides you with the fuel you need. Seminars regarding all sorts of nutrients, foods and dietary recommendations are presented on a regular basis so that you can gain a broad understanding of how healthy eating can change your life.

Healthy Recipes

In almost every instance, homemade food is healthier and more nutritious than anything you could pick up in a store or restaurant. This means that it's a really good idea to build a library of healthy recipes that you can fix in your own kitchen. Luckily for you, My House Fitness has a sizable collection of good-for-you recipes that are ready to be shared. The collection covers every meal, including snacks and desserts, so you'll never be left without a nutritious dish to prepare.

With all of the noise and misinformation, it's hard to know where to go for dependable advice. That's why My House Fitness Oviedo offers nutrition counseling. Our experienced trainers can help you to discover a way to eat that helps you be happy, healthy and energized.