The Best Private Fitness Studio in Oviedo!

Losing weight, toning up, strength conditioning, recovering from an injury, nutrition counseling and accountability…

That’s only a piece of what we offer here at My House Fitness Oviedo. Each month we look for (and accept) 9 motivated clients so we can put our revolutionary "My House® Method" personal training to the test.

Today, our shameless (yet, ethical) bribe to get you into the studio and see if this is for you, is with a FREE 10 DAY PASS + 20 Minute Fitness Evaluation!

We utilize the latest ways to measure progress and enhance your muscle stimulation to burn fat, build strength and tone without having to look at the scale every day.

By using muscle stimulation and our My House Method approach, we're able to - in just 30-45 minutes - give you the equivalence of a 90+ minute, traditional gym workout so you don't have to waste your day at the gym!

Using our state of the art method combined with our experienced and certified trainers, we create a customized personal training workout designed to specifically meet your goals.

So, if you're ready to burn fat, tone up, build strength so you can feel better than ever, claim one of 9 FREE 10 DAY PASSES now and come test out the most revolutionary workout in Oviedo, FL!

Get Fit For 2018!

(only 9 passes avail. each month)


WEIGHT LOSS: More energy, better attitude, higher levels of confidence, better understanding of their own body, let’s you destroy limitations.

TONED BODY: Faster, improved endurance, better agility, more of a defined shape, higher levels of confidence, a clear understanding about proper nutrition.

STRENGTH CONDITIONING: More of the right type of muscles, higher levels of confidence, better understanding of their own body, let’s you destroy limitations.

INJURY RECOVERY: Faster rehabilitation, keeps up energy levels, allows you to get back to work or competition a lot faster.

At the end of the day, it comes down to three things:

1. Do you really want help?
2. Do you trust yourself to do what’s necessary?
3. Do you trust us to get you the results you’re looking for?

If you answered YES to all 3 questions, then grab your FREE PASS today & the owner, Jerry, will reach out and take care of the rest.

Live More/Live Better,
The My House® Fitness: Oviedo Team

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