Custom Training Programs

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Did you know that 67% of Americans pay for gym memberships they don't use? It can be intimidating to go into a big box gym and not know where to start. At My House Fitness Oviedo we develop successful fitness routines for each of our clients.

Personal Training Strategy

More people are seeing the great value and results of our training programs.  Our training programs are designed based on your physical ability and focus on strength, balance, and flexibility.

Because of the personal focus you receive from your trainer all training sessions last 30 minutes with additional time for warmup or cool down if needed. Through a combination of resistance, stability and strength training we target the areas where you want results.

Whether one-on-one or small group sessions your trainer will make sure you are getting the attention and guidance needed to make sure your time is maximized in the gym.

small group personal training Oviedo Small group training
woman working out with trainer in Oviedo Custom training session
personal weight trainer in Oviedo One on one training
sarah weight loss before and after personal training
ricky personal training before and after pictures Lost 40 lbs & 6% Body Fat
Regina L (2) Lost 22 lbs & 3% Body Fat
womans weight loss before and after images Lost 20 lbs and 4.5% Body Fat
portia before and after weight loss Lost 15 lbs & 2.8% Body Fat

Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation

Clients start with a comprehensive wellness evaluation which measures abilities, health, and past history. The fitness assessment is monitored monthly to celebrate success and develop new goals.

During the health evaluation we measure:
  • Height & Weight
  • Blood oxygen saturation
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body measurements (waist, legs, chest, arms, etc)
  • Cardio test
  • Strength test

We also do a medical questionnaire and nutrition profile to have a complete picture to start your fitness journey.

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